Whether you’re a competitive bicyclist, bike for exercise, bike with your family, bike to work, or are a volksbiker, The Bike Lane is your store.

The Bike Lane Serving Burke and Reston, Virginia

Top Source For All Biking Fitness Needs

Great customer service is the first thing that struck me when I went into the Burke, Virginia store.  The employees really enjoy working there and it shows.  They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and friendly.

Serving Burke and Reston, Virginia

Anne & Todd Mader, owners of The Bike Lane, have two stores located in Burke and Reston, Virginia. Each store has something unique and different. They offer group rides every Saturday out of both stores, there is a bicycle maintenance class in the Burke store and an indoor trainer class in Reston.

The Burke and Reston Fitness Community

Both Anne & Todd are actively involved in supporting our communities.  They are sponsors of the non-profit Trips for Kids ( which teaches kids to overcome obstacles on the trail and in life.

They also believe in educating their customers.  They have created The Bike Lane channel on YouTube which is dedicated to information and education about biking, bike riding, and anything having to do with bikes.  The Resources links on their website are full of great information on buying a bike, surviving road hazards, finding safe bike routes, and much more.

Storefront in Burke, Virginia

Come see us in either our Burke or Reston locations

If you bike, I highly encourage you to check them out at  Follow this link to get a 20% off coupon for any one accessory item which can be used on any sale or regular in-stock parts and accessories.

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