COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Washington DC’s Toughest Fitness Trainer

DC's Toughest Trainer

I had the opportunity to meet Kimberly Linton, “DC’s Toughest Trainer” back in early December at the Womens’s Entrepreneurial Expo in a Speed Networking session.  My first thought was “Wow, this lady is in incredible shape!” and I wasn’t surprised when she then introduced herself as a Certified Personal Trainer.  We had a great conversation, gave each other business references and moved on to the next networker.

We then had an opportunity to see each other again in January and she invited me to come out for a fitness training session.  Her studio is on Bath Street in Springfield, Virginia, just a few blocks from the running store.

Richard and I went for a Free One-Hour Training Session by Kimberly.  She had us moving from the treadmill, to the floor, to the KettleBells, to the Bosu Ball, back to the floor, and intermittently torturing us with the TRX.

TRX Suspension Training® exercises provide a complete total-body training tool with cutting-edge training programs.  We are so intrigued by it, that we pooled our money and purchased one.  Kimberly will be working with each of us to design a monthly routine that helps us to increase our strength and balance.

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Suspension Training

Kimberly might very well be DC’s Toughest Trainer, but she is also very attuned to how your body is responding to the workout and varies the activities and pace accordingly.  It was a great workout and I highly recommend contacting Kimberly to start your own training.  She offers a variety of personal training options including in-studio training, online training, or a combination.


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