The Relevance of Women’s Basketball

The Greatest Game to Watch

For many years, while living in Charlottesville, my father-in-law had season tickets to the UVA Women’s Basketball Team.  I didn’t really understand why.  After all, none of his family or even family friends played on the team or had ever played on the team.  When I asked him, he simply said “Women’s basketball is the greatest sport and game to watch.”

An Up-And-Coming Sport For Women

Now, having a daughter playing competitive basketball, I’m just beginning to understand.  Women’s basketball is (relatively speaking) still in it’s early stages.  We haven’t heard much about it in the press, we certainly haven’t seen much of it on TV.  Now, more people are paying attention.  The UCONN women’s winning streak and consecutive championships, articles in the Washington Post about the Washington Mystics, even Microsoft investing in advertising dollars with the WNBA are forcing people to pay attention.  Regionally, we have big name owners with Ted Leonsis and Sheila Johnson – both of whom appear to care deeply about the WNBA and the Mystics team and players.

Something I have observed in the Washington Mystics entire organization is the focus on the team rather than individual greatness.  In the practice session that I had the privilege of observing, the Head Coach Julie Plink stresses the importance of togetherness and the team.  I didn’t observe one player wanting more of the spotlight for herself than for her teammates.  Don’t misunderstand.  Each player strives for greatness working hard on improving her own skills but understands that basketball is a team sport.  Although the skills vary, there is always competitiveness, high energy, and a desire to win.

Although written in April 2009, I think the blog article “NBA vs WNBA:  How do they stack up?” is very relevant and the author Sean Pollack does a nice job in describing the merits of the WNBA and women’s basketball.

Although the WNBA season only started about 3 weeks ago, there has been a noticeable increase in newspaper, online, and television coverage. I hope that continues.

A Special Gift From Metro Run And Walk Springfield

Through our affiliation with the Washington Mystics and the Women 2 Women program, we are very pleased to be able to offer Mystics tickets at a significantly reduced price.  If you haven’t been to a game, this is a good time to try one. Reduced price tickets are available by clicking this link:

Thanks again to The Washington Mystics for being one of the sponsors of this year’s Springfield 15K / 5K.

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