Coping With The Frustration Of Virginia Heat – Part II

What are you wearing?

We strongly recommend clothing made of the many “technical” fabrics available for exercising outdoors in the Virginia summer heat. They wick moisture (a.k.a. sweat) away from your body and are designed to present more “surface area” for evaporation, so you’ll stay a bit cooler and drier.  The majority of technical fabrics also do not retain moisture, as a result, they don’t become waterlogged and clingy like cotton clothing.  Overall, your clothing stays lighter and more comfortable!

Asics Technical Clothing for runners and those with active lifestyles

Asics technical clothing. Ideal for runners.

While for many of us, staying “dry” when we sweat so much is pretty much an oxymoron, the performance apparel is certainly “much” more comfortable than the “old school” t-shirts, shorts, and socks.  On that last item, socks – many folks still wear cotton socks, even while wearing the latest technical t-shirt or shorts.  Cotton socks will hold all that moisture next to your skin, which will weaken the flesh and contribute mightily to blisters, hot sports, and nasty fungal growths.  As a result, one of the greatest benefits of moisture wicking socks is to keep your feet dry and blister free regardless of your indoor and outdoor activities whether you are walking, running, or spending time in the gym.

Comfort is your greatest motivation to staying active and enjoying it at the same time!


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