Coping With The Frustration Of Virginia Heat – Part III

Running on the “dreadmill” (a.k.a. the treadmill)

This is an item of much debate amongst our runners.  We have some customers who exercise solely on the treadmill during the summer to avoid the blistering Virginia heat or simply because they find the treadmill to be a little easier on the joints. Others would not use one if their life depended on it.  In my opinion, “to use or not to use” the treadmill does not have to be an either/or situation. As with any exercise tool, the treadmill is another great tool that if used appropriately has some great benefits and if used poorly also has some downsides.  So benefits first!  As mentioned above, the treadmill is great to be able to still exercise during inclement weather and maintain a higher fitness level if you aren’t able to go outside.  It helps to maintain momentum.  With the ability to specify pace on the treadmill, it allows you to learn to pace yourself at different speeds.  One of the down sides of treadmills however,  is that, for example, if you have it set for 9 minute miles, you do 9 MINUTE MILES – no variation.  Most of us, whether we realize it or not, constantly speed up and slow down as we’re walking or running.  As a result, it’s important to train at different speeds on a treadmill and if you’re training for an event, be sure to spend time exercising both indoors and outside on the road!


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