Coping With The Frustration Of Virginia Heat – Part IV

Aqua jogging anyone?

Aquajogger Classic

Aquajogger Classic

Aquajogger Classic

Aquajogger Classic

The majority of walkers and runners are much more comfortable having both feet on the ground and tend to avoid the pool like the plague – unless you’re a triathlete that is!  However, despite the fact that these two cross-training activities are often used when we’re injured, they can be a very welcome change of pace from the heat and humidity.  Because it is 1,000% more dense than air, pool running (or walking) gives you an incredible workout – without the impact stresses of walking or running.  You wear a buoyancy belt, such as the AquaJogger (available at the store), and mimic the running or walking motion in deep water (your feet don’t touch the bottom).

You can also do a variety of exercises in the shallow end of the pool, using the “noodles” and other flotation devices usually available at the pools.  In this case, you’ll need a pair of shoes designed for use in the water, which will protect your feet from the pool bottom.  We carry a few styles of the Speedo water shoes in the store as well.

Men's Speedo Water Shoes

Women's Speedo Water Shoes

Remember though that even though you won’t notice it, you’ll sweat during a pool workout, so hydrate appropriately.


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