“Love what you do – Do what you love!”  That is the driving force behind everything we do at Metro Run & Walk and part of that is being able to be a part of your journey toward being a healthier, stronger, and happier you.  So rather than listening to us, here is what some of our participants in the Good Form™ Running clinics and our training programs have had to say.

My First Tri

by Gerri


Swim Bike Run


This past Sunday I participated in – and completed! – my first triathlon. I wouldn’t have been able to do the 5K-run portion without the help of both Bruce and Richard and the running clinics at Metro Walk and Run. I am not a runner so I do not have the joy of running that many people have. But Bruce and Richard’s enthusiasm is contagious and on that first night, we went out and did a mile and it was effortless, even for me. I learned much from them.

Although I was already doing some weight workouts and Ab work, Richard’s core training exercises helped to make me stronger and more aware of the importance of overall strength training and stretching. As I ran on Sunday, I could hear their words echoing through my head: Bruce’s “baby steps on the way up hills, stay on your toes;” “land on the center of your foot to avoid toe-jams on the way down hills;” “keep your arms moving forward in the direction you are running;” and Richard’s “maintain good posture,” and “stay focused on good form and technique, especially when you’re tired, to avoid injury” as well as his usual, “Great form everybody! Everyone’s doing great.”

So thanks, Bruce and Richard, for helping me prepare and for getting me through that run portion of the tri. I couldn’t have done it without you!


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