Ragnar Relay Update: Team Metro Run & Walk and the Kingstowne Striders!

Ragnar Relay Washington D.C. 2010

This past weekend, 24-25 September, was the Washington D.C. Ragnar Relay.  Metro Run & Walk and the Kingstowne Striders competed as a team.  Overall, the team placed 3RD in the Running Store competition!

Ragnar Relay - MR&W Kingstowne Striders

Here are the basics:

  • Started in Cumberland, MD at 9AM Friday and Finished at National Harbor in Alexandria at about 4:30ishPM Saturday
  • The weather was very hot and humid.
  • Team consisted of 12 runners and 2 vans (6 runners per van)

Team MR&W Kingstowne Striders

  • The team covered about 200 miles total with 3 legs of varying distances per runner
  • Finishing time was 31:25:25 hours
  • 3rd place in the Mixed Running Stores Division and 73/226 overall
  • The race was very well organized
  • Overall, everyone had a great time, ran well and stayed safe and is already looking forward to next year’s Ragnar Relay.
  • When you can reach out and touch the road while you’re running up and down it – I would consider that some hill training – quads were definitely screaming by the time the 3rd leg came up
  • I have a new appreciation for reflective vests, blinking red LED lights, and our amazing Petzl headlamps because out on the country roads in the middle of nowhere, you couldn’t see the runners at all
  • Running behind vans kicking up massive clouds of dust on country roads doesn’t taste very good
  • The countryside was gorgeous as the trees have already started changing color
  • Not much time for recovery before hitting the next run – and the runs got harder and harder – there’s something about running at absolute and pure exhaustion – I’m not sure how we made our legs keep going
  • The Stick was a big hit in the van
  • I tested out the CEP compression calf sleeves (which we’re going to be carrying soon!) both while running and while sitting in the van before my next run – HUGE difference – definitely helped to keep muscles from tightening up during recovery and then during the run, you could definitely feel it stabilizing the muscles especially as the fatigue levels continued to increase – would highly recommend

Ragnar Relay - Team Metro Run & Walk

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