The importance of Socks for Runners and Walkers – Part 2

John Faith has been with Metro Run and Walk since 2004

John has been with Metro Run and Walk since 2004 and enjoys being active!

Benefits of Properly Fitted Moisture-Wicking Socks For Running and Walking!

There are a host of other issues that can be addressed by properly selected and fitted socks.  I’ve concentrated on the issues most often seen at the store, but the correct socks can help in the prevention of many foot problems.  I pulled the following list from an absolutely fascinating article Helen found on the subject.  You can read it at:

  • Toenails: subungual hematoma, onychomycosis, onychogryphosis
  • Integument: friction blisters, hyperkeratoses, heloma dura/molle
  • Infections: dermatophyte, yeast, bacteria, viral  (verruca)
  • Mechanical or Shear Induced Injury of Subcutaneous tissue: capsulitis, bursitis, calcaneal fat pad atrophy
  • Mechanical or Shear Injury Against Bone Prominence: retrocalcaneal exostosis, sesamoiditis, hallux valgus, tailor’s bunion, accessory navicular, tibial crest periostitis, medial and lateral malleolar contusion

Thick or Thin Socks for Runners and Walkers?

One final thought.  Many of my customers ask, “Should I wear a thick or a thin sock?”  My answer, invariably, is “Yes!”  I then go on to explain that sock choice is a very personal thing.  As a general rule of thumb, I advise that if you tend to perspire a great deal or have a “fleshy” foot, a thinner sock may be in order.  On the other hand, if you tend not to perspire a great deal, or have a thinner, bonier foot, a thicker sock may be in order.   To add even more variety (or to complicate the choice!), in addition to a huge selection of thick-, medium-, and lightweight socks, we now offer CEP compression running and walking socks and the Injinji “toe socks” at the store.

Toe Socks and Compression Socks for Running?

Toe socks may help to reduce blisters between toes for runners and walkers.

Toe socks by Injinji

My wife swears by the toe socks.  She’s been wearing them for months, and claims they help align her toes and feet, increase cushioning and comfort, and reduce fatigue during and after her runs.  She’s a 30 year Yoga practitioner, and likens them to the “toe spreaders” she wears frequently.

Compression socks will benefit runners and walkers by helping to increase blood circulation and reduce blisters.

Compression socks by CEP

The CEP compression running and walking socks are a very recent addition to our inventory.  CEP claims the socks will deliver “…a 5% boost in performance along with reduced fatigue, increased lactic acid metabolization and quickened recovery!”  There is, in fact, some evidence that these claims may be true, see:

So, it’s pretty obvious that socks *aren’t* just socks anymore!

Happy Holidays!

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