Find A Running Shoe You Love!

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.

I always tell Metro Run and Walk customers and running/walking friends to experiment with shoes until they find a shoe that really works for them. Then STICK WITH IT. Here is my story….

In the 1990s, I had a long series of different shoes I picked out through a combination of running store advice combined with my judgement of comfort. They seemed to be ‘fine’. Then around 1999, I was shopping at Metro Run and Walk in Falls Church, VA, searching for a better fit, and I tried on a motion control shoe from Brooks called the Addiction. Even though it was a bit more stability than my feet warranted, the shoe shape was perfect for my foot (straight and broad in the forefoot) and I knew immediately it was the shoe for me.  I ran well and mostly injury free in them for the next 10 years. I would walk into Metro Run and Walk and say “2 more pairs of Addictions please”. Talk about a great customer….. Then in the early 2000s (2003??), the Addiction was revised again (as all shoes are every year or so), and the midfoot was WAY different. It caused me to have some very painful arches. I heard through listserves and other sources that others had that problem, too. Apparently the roar from the crowd was enough input for Brooks, because they re-revised the shoe to return it to its original fit. I got a new pair. Aaaaahhhh – much better!! Kudos to Brooks for making such a great shoe, and being responsive to customer input. Alas, when the version 7 went to version 8 (2009?), the toe box shape got skinnied/tapered a bit, and it no longer fit me and caused big toe blisters, no matter my size adjustments. I am currently happy with the New Balance 760 and 1226 stability shoes while using an insert to help anchor my heel and give me some metatarsal support.

Mark loved the Brooks Addiction running shoe and subsequently bought many pairs, which are all here with their dog, Tanner!

Many pairs of Brooks Addiction Running Shoes

Running Shoe Spring Cleaning

Today we were doing some cleansing and purging around the house and I knew most of those old Addictions had built up in my closet. I decided it was about time to donate them (Metro Run and Walk accepts shoe donations for charity). Here is a pic of the booty of 17 pairs (18 including my lawn mowing shoes in the garage…). That’s my great running dog, Tanner. He is a Vizsla (aka Hungarian Pointer), noted as one of the great running dogs in the Sep 2010 Runner’s World.

Good memories with those shoes — Boston Marathon, JFK 50, Tahoe Triple, pushing my then young kids in a jog stroller, many training miles and destination races with some great running buddies in my neighborhood… I could go on. Find a shoe you love!

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