Community Spotlight – Northern Virginia Volksmarchers

If you enjoy walking, the Northern Virginia Volksmarchers regularly meet to walk throughout the northern virginia area.

Northern Virginia Volksmarchers

Walking in Northern Virginia with the Volksmarchers

I was on a plane reading a magazine when I came across a little article that talked about there being hundreds of walking clubs across the nation.  Being a walker myself, I was curious and when I got to my computer, I followed the link and it took me to the American Volkssport Association.  Looking for local walking clubs, I ended up at the Northern Virginia Volksmarchers Club (NVVC) site headquartered in Burke, which was founded in 1983.

I met with Bob McLean, President of the club and he introduced me to volkssporting.   Bob has been with the club for many years and has enjoyed thousands of miles with friends and families. 

Volkssporting means a “sport of the people.”  Anyone of any age may participate in walking (volksmarches), biking (volksbikes), swimming (volksswims), or cross-country skiing (volksski) events.  These events are not a contest of speed, rather each participant sets their own pace and only needs to complete the event before the stated finish time. Bob explained that this means that EVERYONE IS A WINNER!  Volkssports are non-competitive.  Volksmarches are normally 10KM (6.2 Miles) with 5 KM (3.1 Miles) alternate routes.”

The Northern Virginia Volksmarchers host regular walks throughout the year in Alexandria, Arlington, Burke Centre, Burke Lake, Fairfax City, Mount Vernon, Springfield, and other parts of the county.  In their 25 years, the NVVC has sponsored more than 170 weekend or evening walks.  The club now offers four weekend events and four evening walks each year.  It also sponsors 13 year-round events.  There is a nominal fee for joining which covers insurance and administrative costs. 

Check them out at

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