Running In Vegas – Day 2 – by Helen

Day Two – Running South

Fremont Street Experience to the Circus Circus on the Strip


The area between “downtown” Las Vegas also known as the Fremont Street Experience and “The Strip” gives one an opportunity to reflect on the nature of pawn shops, wedding chapels, people living on the fringe of society, and the dichotomy of Las Vegas.


Heading south down S. Las Vegas Boulevard, we ran past the following wedding chapels:

Graceland Wedding Chapel

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

AAA Vegas Wedding Chapel

Cupid’s Wedding Chapel

Little White Wedding Chapel

Wee Kirk Wedding Chapel

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel


Who knew that there were enough people getting married in Las Vegas to support these businesses all within a 3 mile radius?  I guess that explains the many law offices nearby too.

As we were approaching a large crowd of people on the sidewalk, we realized that we were running right past “Pawn Stars” – the family owned pawn shop featured on the History Channel.

While tempted to stop in, we just kept right on going knowing that we could see those famous fellas on TV.  Looks like they have quite a following though.

Up to and past the Stratosphere…

Past yet another wedding chapel… this one the Famous Las Vegas Wedding Chapel of the Bells featured in fine films such as Honeymoon in Vegas starring Nicholas Cage, Vegas Vacation starring Chevy Chase, Indecent Proposal starring Harrison Ford, and Mars Attack starring who cares because it is such a terrible movie.

To and past the Sahara Hotel and Casino…  the first place that Mark and I stayed on our first trip to Las Vegas in 1997.

Finally to our turnaround point at the Circus Circus

Mark had the great idea to run around and behind the hotel and casino.  We ended up in the Circus Circus RV Park where it turns out has very few entrances and exits.  By the time we figured that out, we were ½ mile away from the ONLY entrance and exit.  Being security conscious, the Circus Circus RV Park is surrounded by a 10-12 foot concrete block wall.  Naturally, rather than running back the ½ mile, we decided to scale the wall and jump down on the other side.  No worries… nothing sprained or broken, just a short fall onto the side of the highway strewn with litter, broken glass, and cigarette butts.

That explains why there is such a big wall.

Stay Tuned for Day 3!

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