Bull Run 50 Miler Ultra Update

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.

Bull Run 50-Miler

Mark and Metro Run and Walk chip in to help the Bull Run Run 50 Miler continue being one of the best ultra-runs around!

Race report:  Mark Russell, Captain, Marina Aid Station, Bull Run Run 50 Miler.

Saturday April 9th dawned damp and cool in the woods where Fairfax County and the stream called ‘Bulll Run’ meet.  History buffs will know these are the same hills that saw the First Battle of Bull Run (or First Manassas) the 1st major battle of the Civil War some 150 years ago.

At 6:30am, 344 runners started the 19th running of the Bull Run Run 50 Miler, some looking to compete against the clock, others against themselves.  The very fastest would take these rolling woods trails in just a bit over 6 hours.  Others would do their best to return to the finish under the 13 hour time limit. Most approached the day with a relaxed purposefulness, always willing to stop to check out the natural beauty, reconnect with an old friend, or to make new acquaintences, yet keeping one eye on the need for relentless forward progress.

Among the notable highlights of these trail ultras are the aid stations.  That’s where the runners stop every 5 miles or so for fluid and calories, sprinkled with a little camaraderie and encouragement.  These runners will burn 6000 calories this day, which is far more than the body can store in usable form. And since a body’s gotta eat, it might as well eat good!

Here is our Marina Aid Station spread just before the runners started arriving.

Bull Run 50 Miler

Bull Run Marina Aid Station

Kudos to the 10 volunteers who did such a great job all day.

Yes, the yummies include potatos and salt, apple pie, pretzles and hummus, fruit, M and Ms, etc.  And for our Marina Aid Station, we had special quesadilla rollups — 1 flour tortilla, sprinkle cheese, an optional slice of ham, roll it up and wrap in foil, and heat on the grill until hot and liquid cheezy,  then cut it into bite sized pieces. Yum!

Here’s Chef Mark himself

Bull Run 50 Miler

Bull Run 50 Miler - Chef Mark

And a hungry runner coming back for 2nds

Bull Run 50 Miler

Bull Run 50 Miler - Hungry Runner

And with the course being an out and back, we saw runner action for 9 hours.  A good time was had by all.

For more info on the Bull Run Run 50 Miler

For more information on a great trail running club (and the host of the BRR50) the Virginia Happy Trail Running Club

Here is the Wiki listing for the civil war battle – Battle of Bull Run

If you are interested in exploring trail running, come talk to us at Metro Run and Walk!

Happy Trails!

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