Ask the c.Ped – Most Common Foot Conditions Experienced by Women

Helen Russell

Helen Russell is the owner of Metro Run and Walk with her husband Mark. She is a certified pedorthist and has completed several marathons.

Common Foot Conditions Experienced by Women

Comfortable walking and running shoes are important but become even more important when we experience and have to deal with various injuries or foot health conditions that contribute to foot pain.  Though it would be nice, it is not always feasible to simply put our feet up when they hurt or put aside the high heels when we we have to look our best.  As a result, the question becomes, “How do I treat and deal with the foot pain since I can’t simply put them up?”

There are a number of different foot conditions that are very common, one of which are bunions, and which we see and deal with on a regular basis, particularly among women.  Below is a compilation of great articles that address these various common foot and ankle problems, how to treat and deal with them, and what types of footwear would be the most beneficial for comfortable and pain-free feet.

America’s Podiatrist, In Step With All Things Feet

The Woman’s Foot: Unique, Beautiful and Prone to Problems?

By Dr. Nirenberg

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Are Foot and Ankle Problems Worse for Women?

By Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, and Kathryn O’Connor, PT

Common Foot Problems In Women

Dr. Schulman and Dr. Kilberg discuss some of the most common foot problems experienced by women.

Women’s Health Magazine

Common Foot Problems, How to Cure Bunions, Hammertoe and More

By Rachel Grumman

WebMD Feature

Tips to Avoid Foot Pain From High Heels

Experts discuss foot care techniques to cope with the painful consequences of wearing high heels.

By Colette Bouchez, Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

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