2012 — A Year of Renewal … Run, Walk, Live!

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.

Mark Russell is one of the owners of Metro Run and Walk and is an avid walker and runner.


I start this year of renewal at a pivot point for my physical well being. And as most of you know, physical well being is hard to separate from the rest of ourselves: mental, emotional, spiritual… you name it. For the past few years, I seem to be taking 3 steps back for every 2 forward. Weight is (way) up. Injuries and aches are nagging me. I struggle with an exercise routine that works for me. Bad habits and misuse of time complicate all the above. And neither the docs nor I are happy about my cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

So… at 53 am I destined for that long slow decline I hear about?   My answer is no.

In 2008, Helen and I decided to take over Metro Run and Walk in Springfield as a way to combine personal passion and a love of community with a need to make a living. It has given us a new vitality, and nearly every day is full of fun and rewarding accomplishments for us, our fabulous staff, and for those we serve. As lucky as I am to have found this 3rd career, the irregular schedules and unique stresses of being an independent retail business owner require a different kind of personal discipline than I have been accustomed to.

But, change I must!  Rather than accept the long slow decline, 2012 is the pivot point. This is the year that I return to running the longer distances I once ran, the year I shed the weight accumulated over the decades, the year I put some ‘pop’ back in my stride, the year I get my head right so all of it is sustainable for years to come.

I invite you to join me by keeping tabs on my progress, by choosing your own aspirations, dropping me an encouraging post or email from time to time, or suggesting ideas for the blog or ways we can all help each other.

My next few posts will lay out my specific goals and some approaches I am taking for the next 6 months.

Running, walking, and living…


“C’mon baby, let’s go ahead and live!”
The Wailin’ Jennys

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