Excellent article. The bigger question which I’ll attempt to explore in my next post, is “Why are you even running?”

Smart Marathon Training

Many years ago, the late George Sheehan advised us to “run like a child.”  Great advice; we should all bring joy and wonder to our running.  But to this, we should add “but plan your races like an adult.”  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when putting together your race schedule for the coming year:

Are you racing for fun or with a feeling of obligation?  If you are racing out of habit, and it’s starting to feel like more of a job than a treat, you might consider choosing different kinds or races, racing in other places, or taking time away from racing.

Are you going to try something new?  Variety is the spice of life – spice up your race schedule!  Add different distances or types of races.  How about an obstacle course race, or an adventure race?

What were the lessons of 2012?  Is there…

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