Don’t Let Foot Pain Get in the Way of Your New Year’s Goals and Resolutions!

Helen Russell, Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and RunnerWalker

Helen Russell, Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner

So you’ve resolved to…

a)    Get in shape

b)    Start walking

c)    Start running

d)    Run a marathon

You’re determined and you’ve started…

Fast forward to January 15th, you wake up one morning and “ouch!” your foot / feet hurt.  It hurts in the heel or it hurts in the forefoot or you’v got some blisters and/or toenail problems.  Maybe you’ve got a little pain in the Achilles tendon.  Possibly a little shin pain?

Rest assured, you’re not alone. From the beginning of January through Valentine’s Day, there is a sharp rise in overuse injuries. Podiatrists most commonly diagnose and treat tendonitis, stress fractures associated with overuse, plantar fasciitis, and other minor foot injuries during this time.

For those just starting a fitness routine, foot pain is very common several days or weeks into the new routine.  In most cases, what you’re experiencing will pass once you’ve figured out the problem and understand the solution.

Here are just a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Did you start your new workout routine in appropriate shoes?  That is, are you running or walking in athletic shoes?  Hopefully, you’re not using your old canvas sneakers, wedges, or pumps.  A trivial example perhaps, but hopefully you get the point.
  2. Are your shoes relatively fresh?  Do they feel like they have some life left in them?  Worn out shoes can lead to foot, ankle and knee pain because of insufficient cushioning.
  3. Are your shoes the correct size and width?  When is the last time you had your foot measured?  Wearing shoes that are too small or narrow can result in toenail problems, blisters, calluses, or pinched nerves in the forefoot (neuroma).
  4. Did you go out the first few times and try to walk / run a distance that was substantially longer than anything you’ve completed in the past?  When starting any new activity, gradually increase the time and duration.  Warm up and cool down; include some stretching.  If you’ve got a chronic problem, consider icing and heating at appropriate times.
  5. Are you dressed for success?  Avoiding cotton socks will help reduce the incidence of blisters and will certainly will cut down on foot odor due to bacteria growth associated with moisture (sweat).

Foot pain doesn’t have to mean an end to your workouts.

As we always tell you, listen to your body – it’s the best barometer there is.  If your pain occurs day after day and last for longer than 5 – 7 days, go see a podiatrist.

Happy New Year! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can support you in achieving your New Year’s goals.


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