MCM 13: Week 4 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

Week 4 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner Walker

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk

Good golly but it was hot this past week!  However, while training one cannot afford to give into the weather.  I just got up earlier than usual and got out before it was really horrible.  I have discovered through my training so far that I am quite the sweater.  Not the one you wear, but the wet kind.

As the plan says

Not surprisingly, the hotter it is, the more you’ll sweat.

I can definitely attest to that!  This week, I was continuing to be ahead of the plan in terms of miles so I continued to run a sub-10 pace.  Coach Bruce and Coach Mark both scolded me for running faster than my calculated easy pace of an average of 10-11 minutes per mile.  This was based on my disastrous 5k time in Week 2.  So, next week in Week 5 I will do another time trial on the same course and distance.

Cover of


This week I finished listening to Joyland by Stephen King and started listening to The Handmaids Tale, written by Margaret Atwood and performed by Claire Danes.  It really is an audio performance.  Claire Danes does an absolutely amazing job of telling the story.  Its a longer audio book so I’ll be listening to it well into Week 5.

Starting to realize that I need to change my nutrition if I’m going to be successful.  I don’t mean that I need to diet or loose weight; although a few pounds wouldn’t hurt. (Especially since my oldest daughter is getting married in September!)   I need to prioritize the things that I eat to strengthen my body.

Hard training requires the consideration of three important aspects of nutrition:  consuming enough calories, consuming the right calories, and consuming calories at the right times.

Its the second two aspects that I need to work on:  the right calories and calories at the right times.  I’ve not been a traditional breakfast eater, so that’s an easy thing to change.  A bowl of yogurt with fruit and nuts after a run is delicious and nutritious.   Adding some raw veggies throughout the day is another easy thing to incorporate.   I have a ton of food allergies and sensitivities including being a celiac and there is so much more to do with nutrition but I know myself and I have to incorporate change gradually and deliberately.  I’ll read more about nutrition in both the Hansons book but also Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes by Monique Ryan.

Week 4 Plan vs. My Actual

Week 4 Plan vs. My Actual

Monday 7/15 off

We had just returned back home last night after being away for 9 days.  The house was hot, the air conditioner wasn’t cooling the upstairs fast enough.  The heat made me so sleepy and I overslept.  Didn’t have time to run and there was no way I was going to run in the afternoon with the heat index being 105!  Since the plan called for an off day, I went ahead and enjoyed an off day from running.  I did weed the garden when I came home from work though.  Probably sweated more than I would have running.

Tuesday 7/16 – Easy 5 averaging a 9:22 pace

Back on home ground!  Headed out for an easy 5.  Slow start but once warmed up, I fell into a nice faster pace.  Even at 6:30am, it was hot though.  Couple of hills on the route I was running and just focused on not walking the uphills.  Imagine my surprise when I finished and saw my time!  46:57 – a 9:22 pace.  YooHoo!  Other than my “finishing kick” I didn’t feel like I was working that hard.

Wednesday 7/17 off

Glad today was an off day.  Had to work from 9am – 8pm.

Thursday 7/18 – Easy 5 averaging a 9:28 pace

Temp:  75                            Humidity 91%                    Dewpoint 71

I thought today would be a good day to calculate my sweat loss so I know how much to hydrate during runs.  I weighed myself before my run and headed out in the heat and humidity.  Definitely sweated a lot and the run wasn’t terrible.  Got back home and weighed again.  Then, when I went to the Calculation Sheet to figure things out and realized that I didn’t do it right.  Remember when I said in Week 1 Read the book?  Well, I didn’t read the instructions before hand.  I was supposed to weigh myself nude before and after a 1 hour run.  I weighed clothed both times and hadn’t run for an hour.

My next planned one hour run isn’t until Saturday when I’m going to run to the YMCA.  There is no way in he!! that I’m going to weight myself nude at the Y!  I know its no big deal for a lot of people but no thanks.  So, I’ll do the Sweat Loss Calculation sometime during Week 5.

Friday 7/19 – Hilly 4.6 averaging 10:14 pace

Ran back and forth on a wooded path adjacent to a creek that has short steep hills on both ends of the path.  It was hard hill work but being in the woods next to the creek, it wasn’t unbearable.

Saturday 7/20 – Mostly flat 7 averaging 10:00 pace

Ran from my house 5 miles to the YMCA then another two on the W&OD trail.  I haven’t run on the W&OD for awhile and forgot how many bikers there are.  Its a little bit intimidating.  I should have moved over to the trail.  I met my youngest daughter at the YMCA for an upper body and core workout.  Had to change clothes though since my running clothes were soaked through with sweat.  Good workout though.

Sunday 7/21 – Easy 5 averaging 9:42 pace

My go-to 5 mile course incorporates nice stretches of flat and gentle hills.  It was after a fun dinner party at our friends house so I must admit that I was working a little harder than I should have needed to.  Had to run off all the great food and drink.

Week 5 is the last week with two off days so I know that I’m going to take full advantage of that.

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7 Responses to MCM 13: Week 4 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

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  4. Amy Race says:

    Greetings from Fredericksburg! I am so glad I found your blog! I just started week two of the beginner plan, and it’s nice to have the insight of someone a couple weeks ahead of me in the training.

    • Amy
      Checking in… How is your training going?

      • Amy says:

        Hello! It’s going well. This was my first week of SOS workouts. During this morning’s 5-mile tempo run, I vowed to respect the pace better on easy days (been doing those too fast). The speed workout on Tuesday was interesting – first time ever on a track, first time using my 210 for intervals. I made some mistakes and definitely learned A LOT. Can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to next Tuesday now that I think I have the technical kinks worked out (my watch was showing average pace for the entire workout, so I had no clue what I was running for the individual 400s – and I somehow did two fast intervals back-to-back. Whoops.). I really appreciate your blog! Good luck with your training!

      • Good for you! Glad everything is going well. The running slow on Easy days is much harder than expected and even 9 weeks into the training, I’m still struggling with pacing. Good luck!

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