MCM13: Week 10 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner

Week 10 is an easier week in terms of the workouts, but only one less mile than last week.  The easy runs are a bit longer now and I’ve got the last of the Speed workouts this week.

I come into this week with toe problems on both feet.  Nothing serious or insurmountable, but annoying (blisters and toenail)

As you’ll see though, I do have what could be a significant setback this week.

I finished listening to the historical fiction The Winter Sea and am looking for something a little lighter, so I pick Tina Fey‘s Bossypants.  It was amusing and I enjoyed it,  but not as much as the reviews led me to think I would. However, I did find her rules of improvisation to be applicable to life:

Rule #1 — Agree

Rule #2 — Not Only Say Yes… Say Yes And…

Rule #3 — Make Statements

Rule #4 — There Are No Mistakes… Only Opportunities


Week 10 Plan vs Actual

Week 10 Plan vs Actual

Monday 8/27

An easy 7 today that was certainly an easy pace, but it was a hard run following the Long 15 yesterday.  On top of that, I couldn’t get out until midday when the sun was high and it was really  hot.

I wrapped my left big toe in Duck tape and suffered the toe nail pain in toe #3 on my right foot.  Another day or so and the nail bed will be completely dead so it won’t hurt at all.  When I returned from my run, since I was already hot and sweaty, I took advantage of a free 45 minutes to clear out some really nasty weeds and thorny roses.

As soon as I cleaned up, I headed in to the store to get another pair of shoes a half size longer so I wouldn’t continue to have toe problems.

For dinner, I went to Dogfish Head to hear about this year’s Hood to Coast.  (See MCM13: Week 9 –  last week’s post for relevancy.)  HTC 2013 FrontOur friend, Joe who is also the team captain for our “Applegrove Runner Runners” Hood to Coast team both last year and this year was there ready to share stories.  Even though Mark and I didn’t participate in this year’s event, we were eager to hear the stories.

I was thrilled to hear that Mike (teammate) who last year was originally supposed to run the legs that I ran, was assigned to those legs this year.  When he finished, he told Joe that the new motto is:  “Helen does not whine.  She tells the truth.”  Yes, I am vindicated!  That really hard leg in the middle of the night, up the dark, dusty gravel road really was that difficult!   What made it even better is that apparently there was someone hiding in the dark playing tricks scaring the runners by letting out a blood-curdling scream.  As soon as Mike heard the scream, he apparently wore himself out running up the mountain as fast as he could and as far away as possible (I’m sure to get help).  I know… really mean of me to laugh at that, but I couldn’t help it.

As a treat, I had a bunless bacon cheddar hamburger and a salad.  While it tasted amazing, by the time I got home I was starting to feel really ill.  I haven’t eaten anything like that in weeks.  I think it was too much fat.

Tuesday 8/27

I still wasn’t feeling fantastic this morning probably due to last night’s dinner.  It was definitely not fuel food for today’s speed workout.   In addition, I didn’t really have my typical 22 hours recovery between runs.  Because I got out so late yesterday, I only had about 18 hours recovery. I really didn’t know if it would make a difference in my legs or my head more.

Since today is a speed workout, I did my typical pre-run fuel — a half cup of chocolate milk mixed with a half cup of white milk and a Good Greens chocolate peanut butter bar.  After letting everything digest, I headed to the track for the last speed workout — 4 x 1200.

Did my 1 mile warm-up at a nice slow pace.  My legs didn’t feel too bad and in my new shoes, my toes didn’t feel bad either.

Thankfully, no groundskeepers at the track, just the football team doing their morning practice.

I’m still struggling with finding the right pace during workouts.  My first 1200 was too fast, the second just right, and third and fourth a bit too fast.  I feel a little bit like Goldilocks training for a marathon — too fast, too slow, just right!

By the end of the last lap, I was truly spent and I wasn’t feeling very well at all.  But… I was done and I reflecting on all my speed workouts, I’m very happy with my performance.

During my recovery mile, I realized that speed workouts and the process of giving birth have a lot in common:

  • You absolutely dread it
  • Its awful doing it
  • You breath really hard
  • You make grunting noises
  • You’re not pretty at all
  • You’re incredibly relieved when you’re done
  • The end result is a beautiful time (or in the case of giving birth – a baby!)

Wednesday 8/28

Off!  Somehow my legs are more tired today than on a run day and I’m still not feeling well.  Can’t still be the bacon cheddar burger from Monday night?

Thursday 8/29

Now I know why I haven’t been feeling well this week.  While the bacon cheddar burger may have contributed, its not the problem.  I wake up to a familiar feeling in my right lung.  Pain that only means that pneumonia is on the way.  I’ve had right lung pneumonia 22 times as an adult so I know what it feels like.  Really.  Not kidding.  Its early though so nothing will show on an xray which means that I can’t get treated yet.

I don’t have a fever and I’m not coughing.  I just have pain when I take a moderately deep breath and I feel achey and tired, so I do what every other person training for a marathon would do.  I go for my Tempo 8.

… we contend that it is  best to avoid taking unscheduled days away from training if at all possible.

To say it was a terrible run would be an understatement.  The warm-up mile was fine because I wasn’t breathing hard.  Running at marathon pace wasn’t easy because I could only take shallow breaths.   I was doing fine for the first 5 miles (45:40); right on pace but then overwhelming fatigue hit me.  I take a 5 minute walk break and then run the last 3 mile slower than pace but not too bad.  The walk break really helped.

I didn’t accurately time the last 3 miles because my Garmin was not functioning properly.  Need to do a hard reset and update the software.

Needless to say, I was not feeling well for the rest of the day and left work early thanks to John filling in for me.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have run and I rest for the remainder of the day.

Friday 8/30

I don’t feel any worse and maybe a little bit better.   But discretion is the better part of valor so today I’ll just walk my 5 miles.

Illness and injury are certainly the most frustrating reasons you may need to adjust your marathon training… if you were sick in bed for a couple of days, training can resume normally without scaling back mileage or intensity.  You just lose a couple days of running; no harm done.

While a number of missed workouts can spell doom for your marathon goals, a single lost workout will never be your demise.

Technically, haven’t taken any days off yet since I walked my five today.  Thanks to Mark taking my shift today, I’m able to continue to rest at home so that hopefully this lung problem will resolve and I can continue my training according to the plan.

Saturday 8/31

Finished Bossypants and is having a Daily Deals on audiobooks so I pick up a few from their A-List Collection which features the world’s most celebrated actors narrating distinguished works of literature.  The first one I pick is Being There written by Jerzy Kosinski and performed by Dustin Hoffman.  It’s a clever parable of a naive man thrust into the modern world.  Chance, the enigmatic gardener, becomes Chauncey Gardiner after getting hit by a limo belonging to a Wall Street tycoon. The whirlwind that follows brings Chance to his new status of political policy advisor and possible vice presidential candidate. His garden-variety political responses, inspired by television, become heralded as visionary, and he is soon a media icon due to his unknown background and vague, yet appealing, conversational nature.  I love this book!  It’s very clever, funny, and Chance is so true to himself and likeable.  What happens to Chance throughout this book happens every day.  Absent information, we all make assumptions that turn out not to be true.  And, whose fault is that?

Listening to Being There takes my mind off the continued pain in my right lung.  Although its getting better, its still there so I shorten my run to 7 instead of 8 and do a good bit of walking.

Sunday 9/1

Since I’m still trying to allow my lung to get better, I trade extra sleep for early morning running.  I don’t get out until about 10:30.  Its so hot!  I should have gone ahead and gotten up.

Since I still have to mix in some walking on the uphills so that I can avoid really deep breathing, I don’t hit my Long pace time goal.  I’m not too far off though and I’m pretty satisfied with my effort.  I do feel that I completed the spirit of the workout.

Because of the hard run given my lung and the heat, I did take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

In Conclusion

This was supposed to be an easier week but it didn’t feel like it.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be 100% in another day or so because next week, Week 11, starts the strength workouts.  I feel fortunate that I didn’t really have to miss any days although I did have to modify the workouts, but given the circumstances I think I did the right thing for me.

So now when I say stay healthy, I mean don’t get injured and don’t get sick!  Until next week…


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