MCM13: Week 13 & 14 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner

Co-owner, Metro Run & Walk, Certified Pedorthist, and Runner

My daughter’s wedding was last week and between prepping for it, training, and working, I couldn’t get to the computer for the Week 13 Recap so this week’s recap includes both Week 13 and 14.

The wedding was wonderful.  My daughter was incredibly beautiful,  Everything went really well — the rehearsal (but not really rehearsal) dinner at our house the night before, the setup prior to the wedding and reception at Sharp Rock Vineyard in Sperryville, VA,  getting dressed. the wedding itself, the reception, and the clean-up the following morning.   Everything was perfect with just one tiny little hitch.  After a long stretch of absolutely beautiful sunny days, it was pouring all day on wedding day!  In the end, it didn’t matter and wasn’t a problem.  We had a rain contingency plan and plenty of shelters and umbrellas.  The rain stopped long enough so that the ceremony was held in the pine forest, which was contingency plan #2.

Having just finished Week 14, recapping my training during Week 13 seems like forever ago so I’ll be brief.

Week 13 Plan vs Actual (click to view)

As you can see from my Week 13 times, I’m running the times that the plan dictates for a 4 hour marathon.  I think one of the surprising things is that the faster days (Tuesday’s strength workout and Thursday’s Tempo runs) don’t really feel that difficult physically.

Let me be clear though.  On Thursday of Week 13, I was angry that I had to spend so much time running.   Between the warm-up, the tempo miles, the cooldown, and just plain recovery, it was a 2-2.5 hour block of time that I wasn’t feeling that I had to give.  I still had to much to do at home to prepare for the weekend.  Once I got going, however, my anger dissolved and I knew that somehow everything would get done or it wouldn’t.

I am thankful that the Friday and Saturday runs were pretty short as there was quite a lot of stuff to do and I knew that I would be on my feet all weekend.  Knowing that I had a 16 mile run on the day after the wedding and reception did cause me to restrict my alcohol intake, which was a good thing.   My long run went great!  It was a little warm since I didn’t run until we got back home in the early afternoon, but other than that, great!

I will admit, by Sunday evening I was pretty darn tired what with the long run, being on my feet for 3 days, and the emotional fatigue of the wedding.  After a good night’s sleep and a wonderful husband who got up early with our high-school age daughter so I could sleep late, I wake up to start Week 14.

Week 14

Week 14 Plan vs Actual

Week 14 Plan vs Actual (click to view)

Monday 9/23

My legs are so tired! My whole body is tired!  I decide that its ok for me to modify today’s workout from an Easy 5 to a brisk 3 mile walk.  I know that modifying one day will not be detrimental to my training and may be more helpful.

Tuesday 9/24

My fastest 10k was 25 years ago when we lived in Los Colinas (suburb of Dallas, TX).  It was the Los Colinas 10k and I ran it just a few seconds faster than 50 minutes.  Doing my 2 x 3 mile intervals today reminded me of that.  Of course, I wasn’t running that pace today but had I been running a race today, I would only be about 3 minutes slower which would have made it my second fastest 10k ever.  Amazing what training can accomplish.

Wednesday 9/25


Thursday 9/26

What an ugly Tempo run!  I felt like I was fighting the run the whole time.  I still ran it on pace but it didn’t feel good.  I think that must be where I am in the training because I talked with Alex, a member of our training group who is also following Hansons for the MCM.  He is at the same place in the plan and commented that his Thursday Tempo run was a disaster as well.

Friday 9/27

Easy, easy.

Saturday 9/28

Same.  Easy, easy although my times are a little faster than they should be according to the plan.

Sunday 9/29

I’m so bored with my local roads and routes so I head out for something new.  If you do this, be careful… My new route ended up containing roads with no sidewalks, paths along the road where I was jumping around obstacles, thick bushes and tree limbs, and dodging cars.  Must be been exciting though because I ran it too fast in spite of talking some walk breaks.  It didn’t feel too fast while I was running though… must be the training.

Headed to the beach for a well deserved grown girl’s getaway until Friday.  Much of Week 15 running will be in Duck, NC in between sleeping, cooking, talking, and playing bridge with girlfriends.

Books I’ve Listened To These Past Two Weeks

Finished Sharon Draper‘s Out of My Mind; the story of an 11 year old girl, Melody with cerebral palsy.

Listened to The Murder of the Century: The Gilded Age Crime That Scandalized a City & Sparked the Tabloid Wars, written by Paul Collins and narrated by William Dufris.  Really interesting learning about the role the John Pulitzer and John Hearst played in crime investigations at the turn of the century and how they constantly battling for readership.

Listened to Suspect, by Robert Crais, narrated by MacLeon Andrews.  LAPD cop Scott James is left for dead after his partner is killed.  His new partner was also nearly dead while her partner was killed.  Teaming up, Scott and Maggie heal each other while solving a crime.  What makes this story interesting is that Maggie is a german shepherd and parts of the story are told from her perspective.  A fun listen.

Currently listening to Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley and narrated by Michael York.  This is a weird listen.  Brave New World is a novel written in 1931 and published in 1932. Set in London of AD 2540 (632 A.F. – “After Ford” – in the book), the novel anticipates developments in reproductive technology, sleep-learning, psychological manipulation, and operant conditioning that combine to profoundly change society. Huxley answered this book with a reassessment in an essay, Brave New World Revisited (1958), and with Island (1962), his final novel.  Slow but oddly compelling to continue to listen to.

Yes, its a lot of listening, but there’s been a lot of running these past two weeks.  Its almost time to think about what to listen to during the marathon!


The taper has to start pretty soon, right?  Looking at the plan, it looks like the Hansons taper starts after Week 15 which has the last Long 16 mile run before the target marathon.

Until next week,  train well and stay healthy…


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3 Responses to MCM13: Week 13 & 14 Training with Hansons Marathon Method

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  2. Amy says:

    Hi Helen! I’m glad your daughter’s wedding went well! Quick question – was your pace for the 3×2 mi crazy fast, or am I misreading the plan? I just started the strength workouts last week, so I’ll be doing that same workout next week. Also, how are you fueling on your long runs? I’m starting to experiment with gels and chews. Any advice? Thank you for keeping us updated on your training progress! Amy

    • Amy
      Yes, my times on all my Strength intervals are crazy fast. I’m really not trying to run them as fast as that but I am pressing into the speed a little bit which has resulted in these times. I should be running them closer to 9:00 / mile.

      According to the Race Fueling Strategy starting on pg 169 and based on the calculations for my body weight (approx. 135 lbs), I need 23 calories per mile to keep up with the calories burned. To do this I ingest one GU pack every 4 miles. I am using the GU Salted Caramel gel packs are 100 calories with enhanced elytrolytes and 20mg caffeine. After a long run, my skin is crusted with salt that I have sweated, so since I sweat so much, the enhanced electrolytes help a lot.

      I also like the HoneyStinger organic chews but I’ll eat those just prior to going out for a long run and then at Mile 4 pick up with the GU packs. I find the HoneyStinger chews to be a little sticky on my fingers which is why I don’t carry and use them during the runs.

      Definitely experiment with different flavors and consistencies on the long training runs. Find out what will be offered during your marathon and incorporate that into your training as well.

      In this week’s Week 15 post, I’ll be talking about my race fueling and hydration strategies.

      Hope your training is going well! Just finished my strength workout and am sitting on a bag of ice. I tweaked something in my right hip yesterday and its feeling a bit sore. Thankfully didn’t affect my workout though. Glad tomorrow is an off day. The rest should help. That and some foam rolling.


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