MCM ’14 – Week 5 – Where Schedules Collide

Hi friends!  Welcome to week five of 18!  This was finally my week to get it back together now that I am home and have normal life happening again.  Well, I’m sure anyone with kids and a job or two can tell you – normal life is almost never normal.  But, away we go….

Sunday 7/20 – I spent today recovering from my epic victory at the Rockville Twilight (see week four for more information on that!).  Spent most of my day at Metro Run & Walk helping others with their own running goals and getting mentally prepared to head back to work on Monday (for a training – I don’t want anyone to tell me teachers don’t work over the summer!).

Monday 7/21 – I knew today would be a hard one to get a run in – but I was determined to make it happen.  I had a training about an hour away from home that would run from 8:30-2:00, and then I needed to be at the running store for a shift from 3:00-8:00.  I knew there was no way I would feel up to running after work in the evening, and given it was my first morning of needing to wake up to an alarm clock in quite a while, I wasn’t feeling confident I would get my body moving in time to run before heading to my class.  So, I packed my running gear, and during our one hour lunch break set out to run three miles before scarfing down my lunch.  

The territory was a bit unfamiliar – I don’t know that I’ve ever actually been in Herndon before, but I set out from the school where my class was, debit card in my pocket to grab some water on the way back.  The nearest gas station was about a mile from the school, so I figured I’d grab a drink on the way back.  It was pretty warm and I was feeling pretty ragged – not to mention I was wearing shorts with no pockets so I was holding my phone and debit card in my hand as I run.  The run was unremarkable, except for the last mile where I had the joy of experiencing running with a cellphone/debit card in one hand and a quart of water in the other.  I am sure I was a pretty funny sight for any car that happened to pass, but I had achieved my goal.  I managed to get in my three miles AND eat lunch (albeit inhaled in a span of ten minutes).

Tuesday 7/22 – Tonight I met up with the Metro Run & Walk distance training group.  These are the best people I know and were the reason for my success when I ran Marine Corps in 2011.  Tuesday nights are the track work outs – and tonight was a doozy!  We ran 400 repeats, but after each 400 we hit the bleachers at Lee High School.  While the work out was  hard, the company couldn’t be beat.  Here’s Brian and I actually still smiling after our work out.

No pain, no gain.  Right?  Right.  IMG_0322

Wednesday 7/23 – My kids have been away this week, and I figured tonight I would go run my six miles after getting out of class.  However, the heat and the humidity were intensely oppressive, so instead I headed off to the gym.  Running six miles on a treadmill isn’t terribly lively, but it will get the job done.  There’s a certain kind of zen to the treadmill.  It is so intensely boring with so little to look at, and as you are able to pay far less attention given you know there won’t be any cars coming, it really let’s you slip away mentally.  At least, this is what I keep telling myself so as to not go crazy while running on the treadmill.

The rest of the week – well, I can give you a lot of excuses.  On Thursday I planned to run after my class and before picking my kids back up, but then I ended up getting the kids early, heading to a cub scout event, and then picking my parents up from the airport.  Should have squeezed in three miles at lunch, but alas – poor planning.  On Friday I should have run six miles, but instead I spent the morning frantically packing the kids and I for a quick trip to West Virginia, and then I was in the car, driving to West Virginia.  Saturday was a rest day by design – which I spent petting ring tailed lemurs and a red panda.  Sunday included driving four hours round trip to drop one kid off at camp, and then heading directly to a wedding shower held in my honor by co-workers.  Sunday is the only day I feel quite guilty about.  It should have been 12 miles.  I know very well that life happens and missing a run here and there due to life is quite alright.  I hardly even sweat missing anything five miles or under.  But those big runs count.

Now it is Tuesday already and I’m looking at almost a week since my last run (cross training was yesterday and involved lots of hills with my seven year old at the zoo).  I’m about to load the little one in the car and head to the gym (when you can’t leave the kiddos home alone and you know that running in the evening isn’t ideal for you – sometimes it is the only thing to do).  I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet.  Run the assigned three miles?  See how much of that 12 mile long run I can squeeze in during the two hours he is allowed to stay in child care?  Split the difference and run seven?  I guess my legs will have to tell me once I’m moving.  We’ll have to find out next week!!

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