MCM ’14 Training Week 6 – 1/3 Down!

This week marks week six of the 18 week training season for Marine Corps!  Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, today I am coming to you from 35,000 feet in the sky somewhere above Indiana.  Clearly, I do not know how to stay in one place (or remember to post promptly on Sundays).   Next week you’ll get to see the picture of running from my current travel destination, but I’ll leave you in suspense for now.

When we last left each other, it was Tuesday morning the 29th of July and I had just finished giving excuses as to why I did so poorly on getting all my runs in that week (and just general inconsistency).  Well my guilt got the best of me that morning, as I loaded my seven year old son into the car and hit my gym for some long, lonely treadmill miles.  I decided that I absolutely had to make up the missed long run, as between racing and traveling I felt like I had been really slacking on these important runs.  It wasn’t until I had signed my little one into the day care and made it to the treadmill that I realized the very big mistake I had made – my headphones were not with me.

I buckled down and somehow managed to run twelve miles.  Twelve very quiet, very alone, very little to look at miles.  I actually found myself spending most of those miles reading the closed captions on the big TVs that were showing sports center.  I can say with some certainty that I know more about what is going on currently in the NFL and the training camps than most people.  And that is not terribly interesting information!  But I made it through and felt better about it.

My feeling better about getting back for long miles didn’t last long – as for the next three days I just didn’t find the time to run.  Finally on Saturday night I went out for just a three miler once the kids were in bed, and given it had been a particularly frustrating day (anyone with seven and ten years olds probably can feel my pain), by the turn around point I wasn’t quite ready to come home yet.  I went an extra mile and a half and went to bed feeling pretty good.

Sunday it was up bright and early to join up with the Metro Run & Walk training group for my long run.  These folks have been some of my favorite people over the last three years.  The morning typically starts with everyone declaring what their mileage intention had been, and folks kind of grouping up with people that have a similar distance to travel.  Here is a shot of the lovely folks that I spent my Sunday morning with (I feel like you must be sick of seeing pictures of me by now):



There were two of us there with a plan of nine miles, one with a plan of ten, two others with a plan of 15, one with 12, and one with 4.  We fell into our mileage groups and off we went.  Today we started off at Gravelly Point and headed towards the city.  It is amazing how much better long distances feel when you’ve got others to distract you!  We took a few meanders through Georgetown, along the Potomac River, and a slightly tourist loop around the Tidal Basin where I got to see the FDR Memorial for the first time (if you’ve never been – it is absolutely beautiful!).  Us nine milers decided we may as well tack one more on so the ten miler didn’t need to do any of her miles alone, and it was perfectly delightful.


So, six weeks into training I think I would give myself a C+ on training.  I’ve missed a lot more of my planned training runs than I would have liked, but so far I’m able to knock out the long runs with no issue or injury, and my speed has increased quite a bit from last year.  Tune in next week to find out about the incredibly painful cross training method I discovered and see my newest running location!

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