MCM ’14 Training Week 7 – Training & Traveling Again!

Welcome to week seven!  When I last posted it was Tuesday and I was in the IMG_0494
air headed to my newest destination.  It looks like this.  Anyone know where?  I now find myself in “America’s Finest City,” San Diego.  I actually grew up just south of San Diego and am headed back for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I was pretty excited to trade in the humidity for some ocean views for a week!  After a very early wake up and a pretty long flight, I found myself back on the ground in my old hometown.  After getting settled in I decided I had to head out for my run or else there was no way it was happening.  Luckily for me I am staying near San Diego’s Balboa Park, so I headed out for four miles through the park.



IMG_0498On the left – after crossing the bridge headed into the park.  Below – the Prado Theatre.IMG_0508

It was a lovely way to stretch my legs after sitting on a plane for so long – but I will admit it didn’t feel great.  I was pretty happy to get back to the house and be done.  

Wednesday 8/5 – My plan called for seven miles, and I decided I would take full advantage of the location and try out my seven miles on the beach.  When it comes to footwear I run in a lot of different shoes.  Currently in rotation I have Nike Pegasus, Brooks Glycerins, Altra Torrins, Adidas Bostons, and Saucony Mirages.  As you can see I have zero preference on brand and am all over the place on height and cushioning.  I am a fan of the idea that running in different kinds of shoes is good for your foot and leg muscles – my zero drop shoes certainly feel different than my big cushy glycerins with their nine millimeter heel drop.  Even though I have quite the array of options, I decided that given the opportunity to run at the beach, barefoot was the way to go.  So off I went!


Here I am in front of the Hotel Del Coronado

I decided to run in Coronado, which turned out to be not a great idea.  I parked my car near a naval post, which gave me only one direction I could head out in.  Only a mile and a half into my run, I hit a fence warning me I was about to enter military property and I needed to turn back.  The idea of running the same stretch of sand multiple times (there were lots of tourists and beach goers to weave through) sounded terrible, so I decided to cut it at three when I returned to my car, and change my seven mile run to tomorrow instead.  I also had a two hour drive to Riverside County ahead of me, so I figured it wasn’t the worst idea.

Thursday 8/6 – Today I set off to make up my seven miles.  I found myself in Hemet, CA – which is about 20 degrees hotter than San Diego and with some pretty terrible air quality.  After some internet research I learned that California’s largest reservoir – Diamond Valley Lake – was only a twenty minute drive from where I was staying at my grandma’s house.  It turned out to be a lovely place to run seven miles.  I had to be a bit cautious of the local wildlife, which was a novelty given my typical runs through Springfield or on the W&OD.  Here are some pictures of the experience:



Some beautiful views, and unfortunate smog.


Here you can see the winding dirt road that moved along the reservoir.

The run was beautiful, but HOT and in direct sunlight the entire time.  Now it is time for you all to learn of my recovery drink of choice.  Well, to be honest, FIRST choice would be chocolate milk.  I adore chocolate milk as a post run drink, but it is not always easy to come by quickly.  However – my unorthodox second choice is……


Pepsi!  As you can see – I’m a little red and a lot sweaty and salty.  That pepsi made my day (it was actually sold in a small shop at the reservoir parking lot, and I was very excited about it.

Friday was my rest day, and it was lovely.

Saturday 8/9 – Today I needed to run seven at my race pace.  My current goaIMG_0546l is somewhere around 4:15 for the marathon, so my race pace runs are done at a 9:30 pace.  I was in a bit more of a hurry today than I was for my seven miles on Thursday, so the lake was out of the question.  I prefer to do any kind of pace run on trails or even the treadmill so that I can avoid the inevitable slow downs of crosswalks and streetlights, but it simply wasn’t possible today.  I ran my seven miles on the streets of San Jacinto and Hemet, California.  It was pretty brutal.  Hot, dirty, and direct sunlight the entire time.  There are lots of dairy farms in the area and given the central valley location – there is no breeze and tons of dust.  I didn’t take any mid-run pictures, but an example of what this kind of run does to me can be seen on the right.

That brings us to this morning – Sunday the 10th.  Today my scheduled run was 14 miles, but I’m actually going to switch it to tomorrow.  It is already pushing 90 here in the central valley, and I didn’t plan well enough (I have nothing to take along with my as a nutritional and no body glide – my thighs were unhappy after the seven yesterday!!).  I’m headed back down to San Diego today where I’ll be able to find a running store to grab some glide and some nutritionals and then go for a run about 20 degrees cooler.  I’m both excited and nervous about those 14 miles – it will be the first time since Marine Corps in 2011 that I’ll have run more than 13.1!

See you next week!

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