Gear Check Day!

Hiya friends!  I apologize for my delayed post.  I was actually down in Miami on Monday, but I’ll tell you all about that when I write next Monday.  For today I thought it might be fun to give you a quick run down of some of the gear I use.  I am spoiled by having worked in a running store these last four years, so I have amassed quite a collection of stuff I like to use when I run.  So here’s the run down of literally every single thing that accompanied me on my run today!

Run Length: Four miles

Average Pace:  9:55

Best Mile: 3rd – 9:36

Slowest Mile: 1st – 10:20

Location: Up and down Burke Centre Parkway

Weather – 74 degrees, cloudy, humid!



These are the current model Asics Cumulus.  I have no shoe loyalty.  I run in neutral shoes.  I have altras, sauconys, adidas, and probably other shoes I’m forgetting about.  These ones are pretty new only my third run in them.  I like alternating my shoes.  It gives them an increased lifespan AND I feel like it is good for my feet to be in different types of shoes, so that if a shoe changes my world doesn’t crumble down in a desperate search for something new.  The Cumulus is a nice shoe – a little heavier than some of what I run in, but with just enough cushion to be comfortable without springy.

Sweaty Bands!


Sweaty bands are the best friend of anyone with hair they want out of their face.  I will admit that I cringed the first time I bought one.  They are not cheap, and I am a person that loses things.  Despite my initial hesitation, I LOVE these damn things.  You really only need one, but you will end up with ten because they are so damn cute (the one above I bought specifically for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler a couple years ago).  I can speak quite highly of the fact that it will not come off of your head.  I am a bit of a sweater, and they stay put.  I have also worn the to several Tough Mudder events – crawling through mud and jumping off ten foot platforms into water – and have never lost one.  If you have hair in face issues, they are worth checking out!



I have far more sock loyalty than shoe loyalty, but even at that, there are a few brands I stick with.  Balegas were my first ever running socks, and they are probably still my favorite.  They are super thin on the top of the foot, but cushioned under the foot and at the toes.  They come in lots of fun colors.  I’m also a fan of feetures and wrightsocks, and I’m sure you’ll see them on me on other days!



Cherry Blossom is one of my favorite area races, and their shirts and medals this last year are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  I am a sucker and I almost always upgrade to performance grade shirts when I’ve got the option.  It is basically like my souvenirs of the places I’ve gone to run.  I’ve also high-fived strangers out on the trails several times when we were wearing matching shirts.

Not pictures – adidas sports bra.  I am cursed/blessed with the upper body of a 13 year old boy, so I really don’t have to worry much about the sports bra section.



Nike capris.  I feel like spandex is a way of life when it comes to running.  I do have a pretty huge selection of colorful shorts, but frequently I find myself coming back to these just below the knee pants.  They are snug enough to make sure thigh chaffing isn’t a problem (because it is the worst), but not so tight that I feel like all the goods are on display.  Super comfortable, even for July (even though we certainly can’t call 74 degrees typical July weather!).



Please excuse the sweaty arm.  I run with a Garmin Forerunner 10.  I used to have a much bigger, much fancier model, but I found I really didn’t use most of the features, and when it was time to update, I went with this budget friendly model.  It does everything I personally want it to do (pace, distance, pace alerts, history), and doesn’t take up too much space on my fairly small arm.

My Daughter’s I-pod


The one piece of gear for today I would not recommend – unless you are really into the soundtrack to Annie and Ariana Grande.  I feel like running with music is a hotly debated issue with some folks.  When I am racing, I never listen to music.  I feel like it takes away from a communal experience.  I also much prefer to run with others – even if it just for company and not talking.  When I run alone, however, I run into trouble.  I have an anxiety/panic disorder.  I have heard from a lot of folks with similar issues that find running to be immensely theraputic for them, and I am incredibly jealous of these people.  All that quiet in my head while running alone tends to not do me well, so for me, running is a must when alone.  I make sure it is quiet enough for me to hear people that need to pass and nearby cars, but the lyrics help to distract me along the way.  Sadly, my ipod battery was dead today – so this one, belonging to my eleven year old, was my companion.

Looking forward to a long run on the 4th of July!  Run well!

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