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It is the last week of July – just days away from when the defer window for Marine Corps opens up, and sadly, I’m afraid I will be using that day.  It was a rough decision, but I don’t want to run a half-assed marathon.  When I come back in 2016, I want to be sure that I am ready to tackle those 26.2 miles, and not run face first into a brick wall like I did at Marine Corps last year.

So – what now?  Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.28.58 AMGreat question!  In August I am registered for the Patrick Henry half marathon down in Ashland.  In October I will be running the Army 10 miler, and in November, I plan to run the Richmond Half.  Goals for the winter are to rebuild a strong base, get back some of the speed that I’ve lost over the past year, and come back strong in the Spring.  I recently started back up with our training group – which is such an amazing and supportive community – and I know they will help me stay on track (literally – HA!).  I will be headed out tonight to spend another super hot day on the track with the happiest group of sweaty people I’ve ever known, and am looking forward to our long run this weekend in the shade of Prince William Forest Park.  This week on track will be a little sad, because it will be the last I’ll see of them for the next three weeks.  That, however, brings me to some fun news.


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.31.31 AM

Those of you who followed along last year may remember that I tend to spend most of my summers traveling.  This summer I saved it for August.  On Monday, my kids and I will be headed out on the rather ridiculous trip you see above.  Flying into Utah and driving back (we will be coming all the way home, but google wouldn’t let me add any more stops on the map!).  Running while traveling is a particularly rough game.  Finding the time, finding the place, and finding the energy can be a challenge.  My goal is that I get out and run – even if it is just ONE mile – every day.  If I succeed, it will actually be my longest ever running streak (I usually take rest days).  I also imagine, it should offer up some pretty amazing scenery (and perhaps some seriously depressing hotel gyms).  My goal is to keep you all updated on my running cross country adventure.  Also – if any of you folks out there have lived in any of the stops, I’d love to hear your favorite running routes!

Stay cool out there!

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