Marathon Training Week 5 – 22 of 21 miles down!

Last week I announced I was training to run the Austin Marathon.  I’m excited to get to share this experience with anyone who cares to read it, but please know that I am not an elite.  No where close.  I’m not even what I would consider mediocrely quick.  I have run two marathons.  My first went fine, my second went poorly.  My goal for the third is just to finish and feel good.  If you are reading this in the hopes of learning to be elite, you will be very disappointed.  If you are curious, however, how a very normal person with two young kids and a full time job can train for a marathon, then perhaps you should come along for the adventure.

For this marathon I’ve scaled back to the Hal Higdon Novice program.  I’ll break down for you what week five looked like, and how it worked!

Monday – scheduled rest day.  On Mondays and Fridays I coach Girls on the Run at the school where I teach, so rest day isn’t really something that works on Mondays and Fridays.  We are starting to prepare for our 5k race next Sunday the 21st, so instead of nothing I ended up running 2 miles at about an 11:30 pace with some of my girls.

Tuesday – 3 miles scheduled.  While I don’t love running on a treadmill, I do love running with friends.  Today after work I headed to the gym with a fellow teacher (who doesn’t run, but is happy to walk next to me on a treadmill).  With two kiddos, it isn’t always easy to find time to run, but thankfully my gym has a daycare that my son LOVES.  Finished my three miles in 28:51.

Wednesday – 5 miles scheduled.  Today didn’t go well.  I had a bit of a midweek lag, and my daughter had rehearsal for the Robinson area elementary orchestra.  By the time we got home and had dinner I was exhausted and burnt out – something I am sure many parents can commiserate with!  While I didn’t want to run at all, I am in the middle of my attempted 100 day running streak, so I made myself head out.  I ran my one mile route that I run on all my typical days off, and called it a day.  While it was disappointing to miss my five miler, I just needed to call it a day.

Thursday – 3 miles scheduled.  Tonight was much better than yesterday.  Headed out after dinner and ran it as an even 5k in 30:35.

Friday – rest day.  Yet again, today was our Girls on the Run practice.  Today we were practicing under race conditions and running with our “buddies.”  My buddy and I finished our 2.75 miles in 35:22, which was very rewarding as the kiddo I was running with was working hard to accomplish her laps.

Saturday – My12242997_525910176339_8257915551147926218_n current plan has me spending one day of the weekend cross training and one day doing my long run.  I had intended to run my ten mile long run on Saturday morning.  I headed out to take our dog for his morning walk and we were joined by a very big, very sweet dog.  The only problem was we didn’t know the dog and it very nearly got hit by a car.  Little did I know that the next two hours of my morning would be spent hauling around this probably 80 pound dog, trying to track down his owner.  Thank goodness he was friendly and my little guy got to spend some quality time with a big new dog friend.  Unfortunately, this ate into a lot of my running time.  The rest of Saturday was fully booked, so I had to count this time of walking around a very large dog as my cross training.  My afternoon was spent learning how to make paella (I basically run so that I can eat), and after my class I ran my single mile to keep my streak going, and moved my ten miler to Sunday.

Sunday – long run day!  I headed out for my ten miler with my husband.  He planned to only run half of it with me, so after our first five miles he split off home and I ran the last five on my own.  Unfortunately (and due to my own poor planning), my garmin died at mile 7.  Luckily I run Burke Centre Parkway so frequently that I know different mile marks.  I know my ten miler was much slower than next week, which was disappointing, but I feel good that I got it done.  I’m not sure on my exact time given my garmin dying, but at the end of the day, I got in my miles for the week and am feeling strong!

Til next week!

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