Winter Must-Haves for Female Runners

With temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, it is important to remember that running essentials change as the seasons do. To stay safe, comfortable, and healthy, consider investing in a few of these items to keep your runs enjoyable.

  1. BUFF Headwear $25.00


Dubbed “the original multifunctional headwear”, BUFF headbands are a really unique way to stay warm and protected. The circular piece of stretchy, comfortable fabric is thick enough to wear as a neck-warmer, cute enough for a headband, warm enough for an ear-warmer, and has 95% ultraviolet protection. Stop by to check them out!

2. Bitchstix Lip Balm $10.00


Your skin takes a beating against cold air and wind during chilly runs, so don’t forget to apply lip balm before you leave. Bitchtix offers moisture and SPF 30 protection, and all net proceeds go to domestic violence and sexual assault prevention programs.

3. Base Layer- Swift Long Sleeve $58.00


Layers become important in cooler temperatures because you are often much colder when starting a walk or run than when finishing. Wearing a warm base layer is a good start, allowing you to add jackets on top that you can remove later. This long sleeve from Saucony is soft, flattering, and keeps you warm by trapping body heat. It’s also reversible!

4. Lights- Nathan StrobeLight $10.00


With less daylight, it is very important for runners to be visible to cars and bikes. This strobe light clips on to waistbands or shirts and can be programmed to be either a steady light or a strobe. It is bright, but very tiny and versatile.

5. Pullover- Element Sphere Half-Zip $85.00


Warm sweatshirts are perfect for layering, and this one from Nike has soft little beads on the inside to keep you warm, without weighing you down. Thumb holes and a small collar add warmth and style. In addition to this pullover, we have tons more in store in other colors, styles, and brands.

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