End of Year Review and Preview

Hi friends!  Addie here.  We are in our last week of 2015, which is always a nice time to reflect on the year behind you and think to the year ahead.  I talk frequently on this blog about setting goals and making a plan to ensure success, and this year I was able to  achieve some of my goals, but fell far behind on others.  I’m going to try to just give some fun bullet points about my year, instead of my typical rambling on.

In a typical year, I would like to race 12 times.  This year, I raced seven.

I managed to have an abdominal tear in January and a kidney infection in December, which actually made this one of my more injury prone years.  I also went off on a three week road trip and did zero running, shooting down my chance of running Marine Corps.

This was a year without a single PR.  It was a year where I had to defer instead of show up.  As far as running goes, it seemed pretty dark.

There were, however, reasons to feel good about my running year.  I adopted a dog friend to run with me.  I came within 15 seconds of my 5k PR (and on a flat course, my PR was set on a very downhill course).  I managed to keep up a 100 day running streak (despite the previously mentioned kidney infection).

So – what do I have ahead of me in 2016?  I have my monthly races planned out from January through June.  One involves having to fly to the race, which I’ve never done before.  My big goal for 2016 is to get in 1,000 miles over the year.  I’d also love to get my 4:30 marathon, but that’s more on the backburner as I try to reach my mileage goal first.  I also have a dear friend that I’ve known since elementary school that is not a runner who will be flying out to run Cherry Blossom with me.  I look forward to a more consistent year (I’ve got less travel planned this year, so that helps).

What are your running goals or resolutions?  How do you keep yourself accountable?

See you in 2016!



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