1,000 Miles in 2016

Hi folks!  Addie here, hoping that so far you are finding your goals for 2016 attainable!  My biggest goal for this year when it comes to running is to hit 1,000 miles.  You may remember several months ago I wrote a post about running with limited time.  I shared my fairly absurd google calendar where I juggle social obligations of two kids, my training plan, and all those other things that come up.

If you looked at that calendar, you may have noticed that I like to be a bit of a planner.  I am a list maker, a planner hoarder, and a person that MUST know when my next race is and how many miles I should be running to train.  Not that I necessarily run all those miles, or always get to everything on those to-do lists, but for some reason there is comfort for me in having them around.

I sat down and did the math the other day.  To reach 1,000 miles I need to put down an average of 83.3 miles a month.  Due to my planner tendencies, I already have on my calendar all of the miles I am hoping to run from January until Cherry Blossom in April.  I know that there are a million different websites and apps and things that can be used to track miles, but I have decided that I am going old fashioned this year.  Here is what January looks like so far:

As you can sephoto 3 (2)e, the planned miles for January have me well above my 83.3 required miles for the month to hit my goal.  As you can also see, several days so far have not quite worked out the way I would have hoped!  Of course, some days are planned rest days or involved cross training.  Other days – most notably the ones named as “sad, bad, stupid, days” were days where for one reason or another, I just didn’t get there.  Here we are, half way through the month, and I’ve got only 20 and a quarter miles under my belt.  This is disappointing, but I am heartened by the fact that my “sad, bad, stupid days” only lasted four days, with so far two days (and soon to be three) of getting back on the bandwagon.  There are days where life feels too overwhelming to add anything else.  The days where I work all day and then run two kids to two different activities and then have to manage homework and chores and making sure everyone has dinner (I did resort to pizza already this week).  Then there are those days where everything was wrong, I yelled at the kids, I’m grumpy, things are terrible, and I decide that is the day that I MUST GO RUN.  Those days frequently end up looking like this:


Gym trips after 9:00 have become a thing that is not terribly unusual.  I know I’m not sleeping enough, and I have been guilty of hitting the bed without showering more times than I’d like to admit, but it works.  I am hoping that these minor set backs so far this month aren’t setting the tone for my year.  I can’t wait to sit down at the end of the month and do math again.  To see the difference between my miles complete and miles planned (even though I know this number may be a bit disappointing).  To re-calibrate expectations and see what I need to get done every month to keep things going.  I know there will be months that make it easy to get my miles in – when it is warm outside and I’m training for Marine Corps this Fall, for example.  There will also be times like February – when it is freezing and I’ve just finished a race I have been training for.  Those are the months that I will find 83.3 miles (or whatever the new average will be after January wraps up), damn near impossible.  I will check in with you all at the end of the month and let you know how this silly venture is going!

Til next time, take care!

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