1,000 Miles in 2016 – I Love Math

I’ll be brief today, as my January was nothing worth bragging about!  One thing I’ve decided to do is keep an actual paper notebook with each of my runs.  When I miss a run, I have to write down why.  January had so many excuses!  There are days where I just wrote words like “stupid” or “bad”.  Three days use the word blizzard as an excuse, and another three say travel (even though my hotel had a whole row of treadmills just begging to be used).  I must do better.

I like to do math.  It is part of the reason I love teaching – math is my favorite subject.  I like to create math.  For example – I looked at all my planned runs in January (102 miles worth), and compared it to the number of miles I actually ran (50.74).  My very sad math here shows me that I missed more of my miles than I actually ran.  I accomplished just about 49% of the miles, to be exact.

So now I do February math.  I’ve noted that I have 98.5 miles planned.  I’ve also done the math on needing to run 949.26 miles to hit 1,000 by the end of the year, and having 11 months to do it means an average of about 86.3 miles a month.  For the month of January it means I need to average about 2.97 miles a day (which is less than I have planned, so that’s good news).  I told you – I love math.

Now, of course, I have several planned runs of more than three miles.  Actually, I have a half marathon coming up in less than two weeks (more on that next week)!  I am looking forward to getting my legs back under myself and working out these miles this month (who knows, maybe I’ll even find a way to bank a few extra).

My very by the numbers approach makes some of my running friends roll their eyes, but I know I have at least a few friends that are just as wacky about their stats as I am!  What kind of runner are you?  Are you a tracker?  Or do all of my numbers just make you dizzy?

See you next week as I get ready to head to Austin!


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