Double Trouble 2016 – Training for Pain!

It is that time of year again!  I am ready to declare that exactly five months from today I will be joining the field of runners at the 41st Marine Corps Marathon.  Not only that, but exactly one week later I will be joining an even bigger field of runners at a brand new experience for me – the New York City Marathon!

This will be a different kind of training.  One that cares much less about speed and much more about consistently.  I’ve decided that the only possible way to accomplish this admittedly ridiculous feat (for me, that is – I know there are many runners who do this kind of thing frequently) is to give up any hope of a certain time, and just run it smooth and steady.

Having said that – consistency should be interesting.  Between June 26th and July 31st, I will have 22 days out of the country in varying conditions (I’m not so sure I will be running when I am at 13,000 feet).

So, I hope you will join me in this adventure in summer time training, training while traveling, and attempting to complete two marathons in seven days!!  I’ll be attempting to post a daily picture of my progress, my adventures, my setbacks, and hopefully my successes!


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