Training – Marine Corps & New York City Marathons 2016 – FAQ

Addie here!  Ever since I have told my family, friends, and coworkers about my fall plans, I’ve been getting some questions.  Here are my top ten favorites:

1 – Do you really think this is a good idea?

  • Absolutely not.  I don’t recommend it, unless you are someone who does this kind of thing.  That is to say, there are TONS of people who regularly run multiple marathons or much much longer distances.  They are incredible specimens of human performance and ability.  I am not an incredible specimen.  I am super mortal and typical in my skills and abilities and am not typically someone that does this kind of thing.  But I am stubborn and don’t like backing down, so here we are.

2 – Have you ever done anything like this?

  • Not quite.  I have run two marathons.  They were several years apart.  I’ve run a ragnar relay.  I’ve run lots of half marathons.  I’ve run a half marathon the morning after a 5k.  The closest experience would be the very first time I ran a marathon, I did a Tough Mudder the weekend before.  So that was like, 13 miles of running up and down ski slopes and climbing things and swimming in water.

3 – Have you consulted a doctor?

  • I have not.  To be honest, however, my doctor has known me since I was 14 years old.  She has seen me do plenty of stupid things over the years, and I’m pretty sure she knows the best way to get me to do something is to tell me I shouldn’t.  That’s certainly a personality flaw of mine, but it is what it is.

4 – Are you going to be able to train consistently?

  • This is actually an excellent question.  I don’t know.  I really, REALLY hope so.  I am hoping there is no mental health issues that keep me from training and that the disruption from my traveling is minimal.  I know I will have time to run while I am in Belize.  I should have at least a little time while I am in Ecuador.  Bolivia is a wildcard due to elevation, but we will see what happens.  As far as my current status – last week I got in my 20 miles over the week.  I am getting consistent again.  I’m running even when I don’t feel like it, and I’m doing yoga several times a week.  My only REAL obstacle is myself.

5 – How will you find the time?

  • Let’s be honest – everyone gets the same 24 hours ever day.  Some people do much much more with that time than others.  I’m gonna have to get really good at utilizing that time.  In my favor is that during the summer I am not employed, that my kids are old enough to stay home for a while if I need to run, and I’m perfectly happy with running at night.  I am hopeful that I will not need to use “I just didn’t have time” as an excuse.

6 – What does your husband thing of all of this?

  • He knows me well.  He knows the best thing he can do is support me, and he is.  He is also planning on running Marine Corps (his first marathon), and coming along to NYC to visit friends.  I think he appreciates the excuse for a vacation.

7 – Do you have a choice to not do it?

  • I mean, we always have a choice, don’t we?  Last year I deferred my entry to Marine Corps because I was too out of shape.  If I don’t use the entry this year, I lose it.  I could defer my NYC marathon entry, but it would mean having to pay a rather large sum of money to guarantee my spot next year.  Short answer – yes, I have that choice.  My very strong preference is to do it.  Because why not?

8 – Aren’t you worried about injury?

  • I’m not.  Maybe I should be.  I’m doing yoga several times a week to help with some stretching.  I’ll do some foam roller therapy.  In my running career so far I have been lucky with injuries.  I’ve had one IT flare up (fixed by learning that foam rollers exist), and some shin issues (fixed with compression sleeves).  I’ve never had any nagging injures while marathon training, so we will just keep fingers crossed and trust the training!

9 – Does ANYONE think this is a good idea?

  • YES!!!  The wonderful friends I have with the Metro Milers are incredibly supportive.  It helps that they are also crazy people (and several of them qualify as different levels of “marathon maniacs”), and they will be cheering me on (and running with me) throughout this experience!!

10 – What is wrong with you??????

  • So, so, so many things!!!  In this case – my eagerness to do everything and my refusal to backdown, even if a challenge seems like it may be a bit too big.


So now I ask you – what has your craziest running experience been?  How did people react when you told them your plans?  More importantly – how did it turn out??

Stay tuned for this season of Addie trains for races!!

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