Preparing for Lift Off – Training & Traveling

Hi folks!  Addie here.  I am fresh back from my second experience at the grown up summer camp Camp Grounded.  You can read all about my last experience there (and what it meant to be there as a runner) here!  I didn’t worry about running this time – wanted to give myself a break to go slow – but now I am back in the saddle and staring down a pretty hectic six weeks!!  I have previously written posts about being a runner with a packed schedule, and the next several weeks are no exception!  If you will indulge me for a moment, here is what my life looks like:

This weekend!  – Richmond for a friend’s baby shower.

June 26th-July 2nd – Belize with my husband, children, parents, and brother & sister-in-law.

July 4th-12th – Ecuador with a friend

July 18th-22nd – Making the daily kid commute for my son to attend STEM camp

July 25-31 – Bolivia all on my own!

Also bear in mind I am training for two fall marathons.  I have been someone who travels and runs many times before.  A couple years ago my blog posts were coming from Costa Rica or San Diego.  This summer feels like a whole new animal though.  It is very easy to fall into vacation mode and stop training.  When I spent three weeks in Costa Rica I started off running every single morning.  By early in the second week, however, it became every other day.  And then it became not at all.  This time, I hope to do better.

Planning to run on vacation opens a whole new can of worms.  What will you wear to run?  How will you wash it?  How many pairs of socks can you possibly bring along?  How will you know safe routes?  The safety one is usually the hardest to figure out.  In my Belize trip we will be on a very small island (only about a mile long), where I am not worried so much about safety, but boredom from running up and down the same dirt road too many times.  Ecuador will present a new problem – I am moving around the country a lot over a week and fitting in time to run between the plans that we already have will be a challenge.  Bolivia presents perhaps the biggest obstacle – altitude!  I have only needed to run above a mile high once before, and it was hard for the first two days.  The only times I have ever been above 11,000 feet I found simply breathing pretty challenging the first day.  So – certainly some safety to be dealt with on that trip!!

What I do know is that I am excited for summer to begin.  I’m exciting to be firmly in the grip of marathon training seasons with all my fellow DC area runners.  And I am excited to explore all these new places on my feet!!

Plenty of pictures to come as the summer wears on.  Run safe!


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